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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-9 1936 Leyland Cub FK-7
Fire Engine

The Y9- 1936 Leyland Cub Fire Engine FK-7 joined the range in 1989. It was released as a'Special Edition' with no mention of the word 'Limited' on the box although only 41,000 were made. The diecast baseplate however states it is a 'Special Limited Edition'. The model was mostly of diecast construction with the use of plastic being kept to a minimum and it really is a work of art as the model is highly detailed and very accurate.
It may have had just the one version released to the market and with the low production numbers demand for the Leyland is high, However its still a very affordable model and one of Lesney's better efforts.
The Leyland was not deleted or replaced but no further issues of the Y-9 Leyland were issued.


Above: The Leyland Fire Engine had a fire engine red painted diecast metal body and baseplate with a silver plated diecast rear step to engine sump casting and a diecast silver plated hose connector block mounted on either side, It had a black plastic roof with four firehoses mounted on top and a centrally mounted hose reel molded in white plastic. The grille & headlights, spotlight, rooflight and the hose ends were chrome plated plastic and the seats were light brown plastic.
The Leyland was fitted with clear plastic windows and the body was heavily lined in gold and it had the words 'Leyland' and 'Works Fire Service' in gold and black.

Above: The ladder escape wheels and chassis were red painted diecast metal and the ladder was molded in three seperate sections made from mid brown plastic. Chains were fixed to the sides of the ladder and the small jockey wheels and the top rungs of the ladder were picked out in with white trim. Although there are no variations meaning there are no rareties a few examples have been found that have the brightwork plated with brass rather than the usual chrome. These are pre production models and are very rare.


Above: Note that the escape ladder is not permanently attached and it is also extendable so there are many ways to display this one.