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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y9-3 1920 3 ton Leyland lorry

The Y-9 1920 3 ton Leyland lorry joined the range in 1985 when it replaced the Y-9 Simplex. It was painted dark green with red wings and chassis and it had a black baseplate and black plastic steps and grille & headlights. The interior can be pale tan or mushroom and the wheels were very dark green. This model was fitted with a metal baseplate which was enclosed by the red chassis but this was made from plastic and it included the front wings which were attached by a single strut to each wing, With the struts also being made from plastic this allows the wings to flex which spoils what would otherwise be quite a nice model.
The livery is in the company of 'A. Luff & Sons Ltd' landscape gardeners and it has 'New Malden,' 'Kingston Hill' and 'Guildford Surrey' tampo printed to the sides but pre production models had the word 'Malden' misspelled as 'Maldon'. The cab had white lining and the number 3 to the sides and the company name on the top of the cab above the windscreen.
Apart from the pale tan and mushroom interior there are no variations and no rareties. Due to the dies not being hardened only 40,000 pieces were made before they wore out completely so it was only released in the one livery, The Leyland was packaged in a special limited editon box which had a sticker with a unique "Limited Edition" number.


Above: The Leyland was badly let down by the plastic front mudguards.

Above: The pale tan or mushroom coloured interiors were the only variation, There are no rareties.