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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-9 1912 Simplex

1968 saw the Y9-2 1912 Simplex join the range, The first colour scheme was light lime green body & chassis, It had a smooth brown roof, bright red seats, dark red grille insert and brass plated grille, headlights, bulkhead, spare tyre carrier and 12 spoke wheels. It had body mounted roof supports and no brace by the rear seat.
It was soon recoloured to mid green body & chassis but this version can be found with or without rear seat brace and the version with seat brace can have body mounted or seat mounted roof supports. The version with seat brace and seat mounted supports may have a dark or light brown textured roof.
The model was recoloured to metallic gold body with a metallic red chassis and a textured black roof, It had dark red seats & grille insert and it can have 12 spoke brass plated or chrome plated wheels.
The next colour scheme was due to a mix of parts from the previous model and the next model giving us a metallic gold body and bright red chassis with a textured black roof, dark red seats and 12 spoke chrome wheels, This variation is rare.
Next came a bright red body & chassis with a textured black roof and yellow seats and grille insert. It was recoloured again to a darker red body & chassis with a black textured roof, yellow seats, and either red or chromed 12 spoke wheels.
The next issue had a dark red body with black chassis, It had yellow seats and textured black roof with either red 12 spoke or 12 or 24 spoke chrome plated wheels, Later it was given a yellow or orange-yellow textured roof.
It was recoloured yet again to yellow body with a black chassis with light brown seats and gold plated 12 spoke wheels with either a yellow or black textured roof. The final issue was in a darker yellow with a gloss black chassis, It had a textured yellow roof and brown seats with gold 12 spoke wheels, It was deleted in 1985 to make way for the Y9-3 Leyland lorry.


Above. The first issue was in light lime green and is hard to find,
The metallic gold version with a bright red gloss chassis is rare.

Above. Issue three with a metallic red body and metallic gold chassis.


Above. Issue five with bright red gloss body and chassis.

Above. Issue seven with a dark red body & gloss black chassis.


Above. Left, with body mounted roof support pins.
Right, With seat mounted roof support pins.

Above. Left, The early Simplex without a seat brace.
Right, A later issue with a seat brace.

Above. The yellow Simplex with brown seats and black baseplate, Some guides list this variation with a textured yellow plastic roof but I still have to see that one.

Above. The brown seats looked quite realistic but the Simplex body appeared 'squashed' although the Lesney model was quite accurate.