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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-8 1917 Yorkshire steam wagon

The Y8-5 1917 Yorkshire steam wagon joined the range in 1987 in the livery of Johnnie Walker followed by both the Samuel Smith and the William Pritchard in 1989 and Fyffes in 1992. The steam vehicles have always been a collectors favourite as are heavy goods vehicles and with the Yorkshire being both steamer and HGV was a winning combination. The liveries were an excellent choice as all were very attractive yet different enough to ensure demand stayed high for this model. There are no rare variations regardless of the livery.


The first issue of the Johnnie Walker had a strawberry red body, black chassis, boiler and seats, Light brown canopy, Grey roof and red wheels. At the rear of the cab is a brown roof support which had the first casting modification which was to increase the roof securing rivets from 2 to 3. The tampo decoration can be in either bright red or light or dark maroon. The final modification was by request of Johnnie Walker which concerned the gait of the figure on the side which appears to be goosestepping so this was modified so the figure is taking normal steps which is identifiable as both of the figures feet are at an equal height.

Above: My variation is decorated with the early "Goosestepping" Johnnie Walker.


The Samuel Smith Yorkshire Wagon was never sold in a regular box as it was part of the passport scheme so it was mounted and framed complete with a second unassembled and unpainted model. There are no known variations.

Above: Production was limited to just 12,000 pieces being made.


The William Pritchard was issued with a dark blue body, Grey roof, Off white sack load and wheels and black chassis, boiler, seats and mudguards and the cab rear wall was brown. There are no known variations.

Above: The William Pritchard was a very attractive livery and one of the very few Welsh issues. It was limited to 50,000 models.

The Fyffes was a very striking model with its bright yellow paint and heavily lined body. It too had a black chassis and seats but the boiler was yellow with black ends and chimney. The cab roof has the only known variation to this model and that can be coloured either bright white or pale yellowy cream. The baseplate has number Y32 embossed on all issues.

Above: The Fyffes Yorkshire steam wagon was packaged in the newer type box which displayed the model much better than the earlier box types.