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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-8 1914 Stutz type 4E Roadster

The Y8-3 1914 Stutz type 4E Roadster was introduced in 1969 and was painted a darkish metallic red all over with a smooth brown roof, green plastic seats and grille insert, brass plated 12 spoke wheels, radiator, windscreen frame, horn and battery (accumulator?) boxes, It usually has a copper plated fuel tank but one issue had this component plated with brass. It had a black plastic trunk fixed to the rear and molded as part of it was the spare wheel carrier which had a thin center section. The last red issue had a textured brown roof.
The model was recoloured to a lighter metallic red with a textured brown roof with green seats and a red grille insert or red seats with a maroon grille insert. It had 12 spoke brass plated wheels with the early type very thin section tyres.
The model was recoloured again to metallic blue body & chassis with a textured black plastic roof, It had chromed 12 or 24 spoke wheels with wider and taller tyres with either red or white seats and grille insert, The new type tyres would not fit on the spare wheel carrier so it was widened slightly and modified leaving the center section of the spare wheel carrier much thicker than the earlier version. The Stutz was replaced by the 1945 MG TC in 1978.
It should be noted that the seats and roof used on this model were also used on other models in the range so beware of swapped parts being used to make up "rare" unlisted variations.


Above. The first version of the Stutz in metallic red.
The issue with a brass plated fuel tank is perhaps
hard to find but there are no real rareties.

Above. The metallic red Stutz rear view.


Above. The later issue Stutz in metallic blue did
not look right with the later type wheels & tyres.

Above. A is the early spare wheel carrier with a thin center section.
B is the later thicker spare wheel carrier.