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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-7 1930 Ford Breakdown Truck

The Y7-4 1930 Ford Breakdown Truck joined the range in 1985 and was based on the Y21 Model A Ford Woody with a new roof, load bed and crane & winch. The first version had a gloss orange body with a black chassis and chromed radiator and headlights. It had a black plastic roof and steering wheel, dark green plastic crane and brown plastic seats. The front bumper and solid wheels were in orange plastic and it had white wall tyres and a spare wheel mounted to the front wing. One hard to find issue had the crane molded in a much lighter green.
The baseplate read "MATCHBOX ENGLAND 1981 Y21" but then production was moved to Macau so it was modified to "MATCHBOX MACAU 1981 Y21 Y22" and shortly afterwards it was modified again to read "MATCHBOX MACAU 1981 Y7 Y21 Y22" when it was realised that the Breakdown Truck would also be using the same baseplate.
The model was then recoloured to a bright yellow body with a black chassis and in the livery of "Shell Service Station" for its final release in 1988. It had a black plastic roof, brown seats and a light grey plastic crane & winch, It had red plastic wheels and used the later Macau type baseplate with the Y7 number embossed.


Above. The Ford with its box that features a sticker that
advertises the 1986 Models of Yesteryear Calendar. The
orange truck with the light green crane is the only hard to
find issue.

Above. The 1985 "Barlow Motors" version
was replaced by the "Shell" issue in 1988.


Above. The Shell issue was released in 1988, There are no variations.

Above. With the removal of the crane and a new floor to the load bed the Y-7 was later released as the Y35.