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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-7 1912 Rolls Royce

In 1968 the new Y-7 1912 Rolls Royce was introduced. The first colour scheme was a silver body with a gloss dark red chassis and a smooth metallic red roof, Note that the red gloss used had considerable shade variations. This usually has dark red plastic seats and grille but one very rare variation was fitted with yellow seats. The roof was quickly modified when eleven ribs were cast into the top of the roof and one rare variation with a grey roof is known, Shortly after the roof was modified again when locating tabs were cast in to the inside just above the side windows, All were fitted with 12 spoke brass plated wheels but one late issue had chromed 12 spoke wheels and it had the retaining tabs removed from the spare tyre carrier. The grille shell and headlights, windscreen frame and horn, handbrake lever and fire extinguisher were brass plated. The silver bodied Rolls was fitted with type 1 or 2 baseplate.
The Rolls was recoloured to gold body with gloss red chassis and metallic red roof and this version can be found with dark red or black seats but one hard to find issue had green seats, At the time of the colour change some silver bonnets (hoods) were fitted to gold bodies and these are hard to find. The gold issue can be found with early spare wheel carriers with retaining tabs or later versions that were designed to carry wider tyres. The wheels were 12 spoke brass plated but were quickly changed to 12 or 24 spoke chrome plated or 12 spoke red plastic. The gold bodied Rolls was fitted with baseplate type 2, 3, 4 or 5.
The model was recoloured to yellow body with a gloss black chassis and roof with black seats and grille and always had a type 5 baseplate. It could have 12 or 24 spoke chrome or 12 spoke red plastic wheels, The model was replaced by the 1930 Ford Breakdown truck in 1985.


Above. The very rare smooth roof and yellow seats, Other rare issues are the grey roof with silver body. Gold body with silver bonnet (hood) or gold body with green seats.

Above. The silver & red version with ridges on the roof.


Above. The silver & red version rear view.

Above. Issue 2 in metallic gold and red.


Above. The last issue in yellow and black.

Above. Left, dark red chassis. Right, red chassis.

Above. With & without roof locating tabs.

Above. Spare wheel carrier 1 with retaining tabs.

Above. Spare wheel carrier 2 without retaining tabs.

Above. Spare wheel carrier 3 for the wider tyres.

Above. Baseplate 1 has 2 giftware mounting holes

Above. Baseplate 2 with no holes.

Above. Baseplate 3 has collared holes.

Above. Baseplate 4 with recessed sump for the steering column. Baseplate 5 is the same as baseplate 4 but it has dual numbers inscribed, (No.Y6 & No.Y7).

Above. A period Lesney publicity photograph.