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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-63 1939 Bedford K.D. Truck

The Y63-1 1939 Bedford K.D. Truck was introduced in 1992 in the livery of "George Farrar Yorkshire Stone". The K (series) was the Bedford name for this particular truck and the D stood for dropside as the sides as well as the tailboard could be lowered to access the bed for loading and unloading. It had a red cab and a brown load bed and like the models produced at this date it had a clear plastic window unit.
The chassis and wings were black painted metal and fixed to the underneath of the chassis was a black plastic attachment of which the grill & bumper, cab steps, propshaft, main chassis rails, rear axle and spare wheel carrier were molded in as part of. It also included all of the model details inscribed on this sub baseplate.
The Bedford was not replaced or deleted but no further releases of the Y63 were issued.


Above: The Bedford was enhanced with white lining and lettering with black shading to the name. It had mask sprayed silver trim to the headlights and grille bars and the interior and steering wheel were of black plastic construction. The wheels were chrome plated disc wheels fitted with black rubber tyres,
Bedfords have recently appeared on ebay with red hubs but I have been unable to find out if this is a genuine variation as it is very easy to completely remove the chrome plating without leaving any trace of them ever being chromed at all.
There were two different sub baseplate moldings which can be identified by the model number being either Y63-1 or Y63-2 and having slight variations in the lettering, Pre production versions of the Y63-2 sub base had several spelling mistakes which were corrected before the model went into production.

Above: The tailboard was decorated with "George Farrar, Keighley Yorkshire" tampo. Note the bag of crushed Yorkstone secured inside the box.


Above: The Bedford complete with it's load of real Yorkstone.