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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-6 1932 Mercedes Benz L5 lorry

The Y6-5 Mercedes Benz L5 lorry joined the range in 1988, The choice of a German made lorry was simply due to the range being so popular in Europe so the L5 in the livery of "Stuttgarter Hofbrau" was introduced. Although it is numbered Y-6 on the (plastic) baseplate for some strange resaon it is numbered Y32 on the inside of the rear canopy yet the canopy is too long for the Y-32 Yorkshire steam wagon body so the L5 was probably renumbered after the die for the canopies had been made but the baseplate had to be renumbered correctly.
The model was pained cream and it had a cream plastic canopy, The mudguards and steps were of black painted metal and the chassis and canopy frame were grey plastic, The authentic looking wheels were red plastic with black rubber tyres and the grille and headlights were chrome plated which made for a very attractive model.
I don't know of any variations but the grooves between the body planking can be shallow or deep. The model was later released as the Y-41 in the livery of "Howaldtswerke" and with a cylinder block load but strangely it still had a Y-6 baseplate.


Above. The L5 was an attractive model.

Above. Not sure about that canopy though!.