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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-6 1920 Rolls Royce Fire Engine

Y6-4 1920 Rolls Royce Fire Engine was introduced in 1977, It had a red body & chassis with gold plated grille, headlights and ladder rests with brass plated 12 spoke wheels and windscreen frame. It had a black drivers seat and bronzed metal crew seats which seem to have a black wash over them. The ladder can be white, brown or orangy-brown with small squared off lugs. It had paper labels with "Borough Green & District" printed in red and yellow applied to the sides but did not have locating ridges cast in for the label. The early baseplates were inscribed "Lesney No Y7 England" but later issues had modified text that read "Lesney No Y7&Y6 England".
The casting was then modified by having label locating ridges cast in, This version usually has 12 spoke brass plated wheels but has been seen with chromed 24 spoke wheels or 12 spoke red plastic wheels. It can have a ladder with squared lugs in brown or orangy-brown or rounded lugs in brown, orangy-brown or white.
One rare issue was released with bright red seats that can have either bronzed metal crew seats or black plastic crew seats. The last run had a black chassis with red body and a white ladder with rounded lugs and black plastic drivers seat and crew seats.
The Rolls Royce was replaced in 1988 by the Mercedes Benz L5 lorry.


Above, The Rolls Royce, The first issues without label locating ridges and the red seated version are both rare.

Above. With a mixture of chrome and gold wheels.


Above. The final issue had a black painted chassis.

Above. Only the first issues had no locating ridges cast in for the "Borough Green & District" labels.


Above. Left, the early ladder with small squared off lugs.
Right, The later issue with a larger rounded lug.