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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-6 1913 Cadillac

The Y6-3 1913 Cadillac joined the range in 1968 and the first colour scheme was light gold body & chassis with dark red seats and grille insert and a smooth dark red roof. It had a brass plated windscreen frame, horn, radiator grille shell and headlights. The first issue had no roof locating tab to the top of the windscreen frame and no body cut outs for the seat roof locating pins, Soon the roof locating tab was added to the windscreen frame and soon after the seat pin cut outs were added.
The model was recoloured to gold body & chassis with dark red plastics and 12 spoke brass plated wheels, Late in the run a dark red textured roof was fitted and the last issue was fitted with yellow seats and a black textured roof.
The model was recoloured again to metallic green body & chassis with chrome 12 or 24 spoke wheels and a black textured roof, Initially it had the thin spare tyre carrier but was soon replaced by the thicker version. The green version is usually found with yellow seats and grille insert but light pink, pale blue and light green seats are hard to find, The light green seats version can also be found with red 12 spoke wheels,
There were six different baseplate variations for this model, Baseplate 1, 2 and 3 are found on the light gold model, The gold versions can be found with baseplates 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the green version with baseplate types 5 and 6. The Cadillac was replaced by the Rolls Royce fire engine in 1977.


Above. Light gold and gold. The rare one is light gold without the windscreen roof locating tabs, Gold with a dark red or black textured roof or with a wider spare wheel carrier or the green version with thin spare tyre carrier are all hard to find as is the green version with light pink, pale blue or light green seats & grille insert.

Above. The light gold and gold Cadillacs.


Above. A, With & without windscreen roof locating tab.
B, With & without body cut outs for the seat pins.
C, Roof with & without windscreen locating tabs.

Above. Spare wheel carrier with retaining tabs and late issue with wider spare wheel carrier and no retaining tabs.


Above. Baseplate 1 with two open holes and a 14mm sump.

Above. baseplate 2 with one open hole and one blind hole and 14mm sump.

Above. baseplate 3 with two blind holes and 14mm sump.

Above. Baseplate 4 with a no holes and a longer 16mm sump and partial date (913)

Above. Baseplate 5, as baseplate 4 but with the full date reinstated.

Above. Baseplate 6 as baseplate 5 with giftware mounting holes.