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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-6 1926 Type 35 Bugatti

The Y6-2 1926 Type 35 Bugatti joined the range in 1961. It was painted french racing blue with gold trim to the radiator grille and petrol cap and all models had a black painted metal baseplate and two racing number '6' decals in red, Models have been seen with number 5 or 3 decals in black but the originallity of these cannot be confirmed. The seats were black plastic and the dashboard were red plastic, The steering wheel, gearstick & handbrake and the wheels were brass plated metal.
The first issue were fitted with hard to find knobbly grey plastic tyres but all later ones had knobbly or smooth black plastic tyres, Two issues can be found without trim to the grille which is also hard to find. The earlier issues were fitted with 1mm wide wheels but the later issues had 0.5mm wide wheels. The final issue in blue had a white dashboard which is rare.
The Bugatti was recoloured to red and this usually has a gold radiator grill but sometimes the trim is missing. It too had a brass plated steering wheel, roadwheels and handbrake. The dashboard is white plastic but the final issue had a black dashboard which is rare. Bugattis painted metallic green are believed to be pre production models and are very rare. The Bugatti was deleted in 1967 to make way for the 1913 Cadillac.


Above: The first issue fitted with knobbly grey tyres is hard to find.

Above: Models with no trim to the radiator grille is hard to find and the variation in blue with white dashboard is rare.


Above: The red bugatti can be found with or without trim but the model that has a black dashboard is rare.