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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-5 1929 Leyland Titan Bus

The Y5-5 1929 Leyland Titan Bus joined the range in 1989 when the green and white Southdown Titan made it's appearance, In 1990 it was followed by the blue and white livery of Ashton-under-Lyne which was sold as a bus and a complete set of component to make another one that had been mounted and framed, It was later released as a limited edition in an old style E type yellow card box. Then came the maroon and white livery of the City of Coventry which was released in 1991.
No further standard issues were released but a code 2 version of the maroon bus was made with the Newcastle Brown Ale decals replaced with a set labels for "MICA for collectors of Matchbox".


Above: The Southdowm bus had a light green painted lower and upper deck and a dark green wings/ baseplate, The lower deck window frames were cream plastic and the roof and upper deck window frames were cream metal. It was fitted with very light brown plastic seats and it had a brown die cast staircase.
Hanging down between the wheels was a dark green plastic lifeguard and in the doorway was a silver metal handrail, The grille and headlights are chrome plated with a black plastic grille insert.

Above: The adverts were for "Robin the new Starch" and it had Southdown in gold lettering to each side. The upper deck seats were the early type without the extension that secured the seat unit against the roof, The lower deck window frame was the early molding with a small window to the drivers cab and the baseplate had a "Made in macau" inscription. The awful looking wheels and tyres were borrowed from the Y-10 Diddler, There were no variations.


Above: The blue Titan of Ashton under Lyne was painted blue with a cream plastic lower deck window unit, The plastic seats and wheels and the die cast staircase were blue while the lifeguards, wings and Macau baseplate were black, It had the early type small drivers cab window and the upper deck seats can be either the early type without roof brace or the later type with a roof brace. The adverts were for "Swan Fountpens"

Above: The Ashton bus is usually paired up with the parts for another unassembled bus and mounted in a wooden frame with a glass front but this one is one of 1000 that were specially packaged in a old style E type box that were offered to MICA members at their 9th convention in Telford.

Above: The green (Southdown) bus with it's early upper deck seat molding and the two later issues with the roof securing extension molded in.


Above: The Coventry City bus was painted maroon with cream windows and roof, It had cream plastic seats and the staircase, wings and Made in China baseplate were black die cast metal, It had black plastic lifeguards and a chrome plated grille and headlights with a black grille insert. The adverts were for "Newcastle Brown Ale" and it had "City of Coventry" tampo to the lower deck window frame.

Above: The Coventry bus had the later upper deck seat unit with the roof support molded in and the lower deck window unit was modified so the drivers cab door had a full height window frame.
In 1992 Matchbox relabeled 5000 Coventry buses with labels for "MICA for Collectors of Matchbox" which were all purchased by MICA members.

Above: Showing on the left the early type small window to the drivers cab door and to the right the later type full height window.

Above: This 1992 Titan was a code 2 MICA members model.