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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-5 1907 Peugeot

1969 saw the Y5-3 1907 Peugeot take its place in the line up. It was first released with a yellow painted body and chassis with a matt black roof, It had red plastic seats and grille insert. The radiator surround, windscreen frame, spare wheel carrier and wheels were brass plated and it had thin black plastic tyres. The very first issue had amber windows and it did not have a bead cast into the back of the front seat. The bead was soon cast in to the back of the seat and this variation can be found with deep amber or a much lighter pale amber or with clear windows.
The model was recoloured to orangy-gold body and roof with a matt black chassis with black or rarely with red seats. The wheels were a wider chromed 12 spoke with almost truck like tyres and it had pale amber windows, One rare issue of the orangy-gold Peugeot was fitted with a matt black roof from the earlier yellow painted version.
The model was recoloured again to a light gold body & roof with a matt black chassis, It had black seats and grille insert, 12 spoke chromed wheels and usually with pale amber windows but one issue had clear windows which can be found with either 12 or 24 spoked chrome plated wheels. In 1978 the Peugeot was replaced by the Y5-4 1927 Talbot van.


Above. The early Yellow Peugeot, The first version without the bead at
the back of the seats is hard to find, Both the orangy gold body and the
gold body are rare with black roofs as are all issues with clear glass and
the orangy-gold version fitted with red seats.

Above. The early type brass plated wheels with thin tyres suited the model
far better than the later chrome plated wheels with much taller tyres.

Above. The later gold issue of the Peugeot.


Above. Left, The seat without a bead.
Right,The seat with a bead.

Above. Left, The pale amber windows. Right, The amber windows