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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-47 1929 Morris Cowley van

The Y47-1 1929 Morris Cowley light van was introduced in 1991 in the black and yellow livery of Lindt Chocolat, The van body appears to be the same as the earlier Y-19 issue but it had been modified as the oval side window openings had been filled in allowing a larger area for the decals to be applied to. The roof also appears to have had some finishing by hand as the leading edge had excessive flashing which unless it was removed would obscure the windscreen so on checking the roof casting above the windscreen will show filing marks where the flash were removed.
No further Y-47 morris vans were released and the Y-47 number was not reallocated but a promotional Y-47 Morris was produced in very limited numbers as a prize in a competition for the Antiques Roadshow Going Live TV show where six were given to contestants as prizes and the remaining 18 being given to staff in the Matchbox Research & Development dept.


Above: The Lindt van had a "Y-19 made in China" baseplate which had been modified to allow room for the screw hole to attach it to the new N style boxes. The roof casting was the later type with the triangular strengthening braces cast in to the roof void. It had brown seats and it was fitted with a clear plastic window unit. The wheels were chrome plated 12 spoke with push fit axles and it had a chrome plated grille & headlights with a black plastic grille insert.

Above: The van was decorated with white, yellow and orange Lindt Chocolat decals to the rear body and the address was printed on the front doors in white tampo with the decals being used at the rear as it was not possible to tampo the fine details needed. There are no variations hence no rareties.