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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-46 1880 Merryweather
Fire Engine

The Y46-1 1880 Merryweather Fire Engine was introduced in 1991, It was modelled on a real Merryweather that was undergoing restoration that was once owned by Tihidy House in Cornwall so the Lesney model carries small 'Tihidy House' tampo printed to the driver seat base, The Horses were the same as previously used on the Y39 Passenger Coach but apart from that it was a new casting.
The Merryweather would have made a good stable mate for the 1960 Y4-2 Shand Mason as they were of very similar design but the Merryweather was built to a much larger scale than the Y4. The Y-46 Merryweather was not deleted or replaced but no further issues were released.


Above: The Merryweather used the rear set of horses from the Y-39 Passenger Coach along with the black plastic reins from the Y-39, The body and the spoked wheels were diecast and of course were painted red. The boiler was brass plated and the wheels and drivers seat were enhanced with gold lining, The model was much improved by the inclusion of four plastic firemen which had dull blue uniforms, Flesh coloured faces and hands, Brass coloured breast plates and gold helmets, The Merryweather was packaged in a Special Limited Edition box,

Above: The horse shaft can be found in two shades of red, Early models had a pale red shaft which is quite hard to find, Later models had a dark red horse shaft.


Above: The Merryweather was very similar to the 1960 Y4 Shand Mason except that it was made to a much larger scale.
photos courtesy George Marshall.