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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-42 1939 Albion 10 Ton CX27 Lorry

The Y42-1 1939 Albion 10 Ton CX27 Lorry joined the range in 1991 in the livery of "Libby's". It's cab was painted white, The load bed was blue and the chassis was dark blue and it had blue wheels to match the load bed. The radiator & headlights can be either dull silver or bright chrome and the sides of the cab were adorned with "Libby's" in red tampo. It had glazed windows and carried a load of 28 milk churns.
It had a 'Made in China' baseplate and no further colour schemes were released although the model was not replaced or deleted.


Above: Apart from the dull silver or chromed radiator there were no variations and no rareties, Care should be taken not to display the Albion in sunlight as the blue wheels can suffer from sunfade and turn green. (compare the wheels in the upper photo to the one below).

Above: The Albion would have made a super brewers dray. With a headerboard fitted to the cab and a suitable barrel or crate load the Albion could have been given a new lease of life.