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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-4 1909 Opel Coupe

The Y4-3 1909 Opel Coupe was introduced in 1967. It was painted white and had brass 12 spoke wheels, The roof was brown plastic which had no rear windows and a smooth finish and the seats were maroon or red plastic. The roof strut locating pins were cast in to the sides of the body but soon they were removed and molded into the end of each armrest on the plastic seat. The grill insert was usually red or maroon plastic to match the seats and the grille shell, bulkhead with sidelights and the two handbrake and gearlevers were all brass plated metal and the steering wheel was black plastic,
Soon after the seat pins had been relocated the baseplate underwent two modifications in quick succcession, First the models description was changed from "Models of Yesteryear 1909 Opel Coupe" to "Matchbox Models of Yesteryear" on a raised panel with "1909 Opel Coupe" written below. Soon after the baseplate giftware mounting holes were filled in. The last two runs of white Opels had a new brown roof with a textured finish and rear windows.
The model was recoloured to orange with a black roof with rear windows, Maroon seats, cream grille and chromed 12 or 24 spoked wheels, The Opel was replaced by the Y4-4 Duesenberg in 1976 but was re released as part of the Connoisseur set in 1984 painted bright red and darkred with a brown textured roof, This later version of the brown textured roof was marked "Limited Edition" to avoid it being swapped onto an earlier white version to make a faked rarity.


Above. The early issue of the Opel Coupe. This one should really have a smooth brown roof which I can't find at the moment. The most sought after Opel is the rare version in white with a textured brown roof.

Above. The later issue Orange Opel, This version can be found with gloss or matt black chassis, The gloss black has 12 spoke chromed wheels and the matt black can have 12 or 24 spoke chromed wheels.


Above. Left, The early version with the roof supporting pins cast in. Right, The later issue with the pins molded into the seats and of course the red or the maroon coloured plastic seats.

Above. Left, the early type rear wing struts and right the later type with webbed lower corner.

Above. Baseplate types.
Type 1 (not shown) has "Models of Yesteryear 1909 Opel Coupe" in one line with 2 rivets in the sump.
type 2 (top) has " Matchbox Models of Yesteryear" on a raised platform with "1909 Opel Coupe" below with 2 rivets in the sump.
Type 3 (bottom) has the giftware mounting holes filled in and one rivet in the sump.
Type 4 (not shown) has "Limited Edition" and 1984 date and was only used on the red version.

Above: A Limited edition model from the Connoisseur Collection.