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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-39 1820 Passenger Coach & Horses

The Y39-1 1820 Passenger Coach & Horses was released in 1990 packaged in a Special Limited Edition box. With the Passenger Coach being some nine years older than the Y12-4 1829 Stephensons Rocket it became the oldest vehicle to join the Yesteryears range but it was only to hold that position for two years before it was taken over by the 1992 release of the Y-66 1762 Gold State Coach.
The Y39-1 Passenger Coach was not deleted or replaced but no further models were issued.


Above: The Y-39 Passenger coach is a surprisingly heavy model which is for the most part made from diecast metal with just the passengers their seats and their luggage, the sidelights and Horse reins being made from plastic. The wheels, axles and baseplate are diecast metal which are painted red and the bulk of the coach body is diecast and painted black with just the doors being painted maroon,

Above: The body is lined in gold and it displays the "VR" monogram of Queen Victoria and the coach number "No14". It has brown luggage and a brown interior which are both made from plastic. The Horses are diecast metal and being molded individually and painted different colours gives the model a sense of realism


Above: The Passenger Coach has to be the most colourful Yesteryear model ever produced, I can count at least 16 different colours many of them on the clothing of the passengers, The Horses are also 4 different colours too. There are no variations hence no rareties. It came packaged in a two piece polystyrene box with an outer cardboard sleeve.