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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-38 1920 Rolls Royce
Armoured Car

The Y38-1 1920 Rolls Royce Armoured Car was introduced in 1990, Although the Crossley had been released as an RAF Ambulance the Rolls Royce was the first armed military vehicle. It was packed into a box that was marked as a 'Special Limited Edition' and 'YS-38' but the baseplate inscription simply read Y-38. It was a highly detailed model and proved to be very popular. The total production run was 35,000. It was not deleted or replaced but no further issues were released.


Above: The Rolls Royce was mostly made from diecast metal, Only the wheels, machine gun and the headlights were plastic which made the model quite heavy but at least it gave the impression of being good value for money, The headlights were molded in a pinky light brown plastic which did no look very realistic but this is the only fault I can find, The rest of the model was highly detailed and very accurate. There are two distinct shades of paint which are light or darker khaki. Apart from the colour shades no other variations have come to light.

Above: Note the push fit twin rear wheels and twin side mounted spare wheels.

Above: HMAC = His Majestys Armored Car 'Ajax'. One of my favourite yesteryear models.