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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-37 1929 Garrett Steam Wagon

In 1990 the Y37-1 1929 Garrett Steam Wagon joined the range when the light blue Chubb safe deposits version which was made in Macau was introduced. This was followed in 1992 by the dark blue and cream Milkmaid Milk version which by this time production had moved to China which had the base modified to reflect the new country of manufacture.
Code two models were made with "Year Ten 1984-1994 MICA" tampo, The two MICA versions can be found with either all grey body, cab and baseplate with red wheels or all dark blue with a yellow container and red wheels with the dark blue and yellow version being quite hard to find.
Two further code two issues were released with "All Roads to the Garrett are Smooth Roads" tampo, These were both released with lime green paintwork but can have either a lime green roof or a black roof.


Above: The Chubb Safe Deposits had a light blue cab, container and plastic wheels. It had a dark blue baseplate with a black plastic motor and drive chains, Both cab and container roofs were white with the cab being diecast and the container roof being of plastic construction, The interior was black plastic and the boiler was chrome plated plastic,
The model had tampo printed Chubb logo except for on the front corner where it was found that a label had to be used as the area to be printed was too curved to be tampo printed.

Above: The tyres on the Garrett are prone to splitting which is most likely due to shrinkage making them too tight to fit in the wheels properly.


Above: The Milkmaid Milk version had a dark blue cab and baseplate with a cream coloured container with a white plastic roof, The wheels were red plastic daisy pattern and the interior black plastic, It had black motor and drive chains and a chrome plated boiler, The baseplate was marked Made in China and a strengthening ring was cast in around the screw hole. Like the previous issue the Milkmaid details were tampo printed except for the front corner where the curve was too acute to be tampo printed so a label was used instead.

Above: The Milkmaid, unlike the previous issue had no tampo to the back doors, Personally I think the Milkmaid version had too much tampo, The cab could probably have used less decoration as it looks rather cluttered.