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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-35 1930 Ford model 'A'
Pick-up Truck

The Y-35 1930 Ford model 'A' Pick-up Truck joined the range in 1990. It used all of the parts from the Y-7 Ford model A Breakdown truck with the exception of the crane, A new loadbed floor was cast which included the open tailgate door in the casting and it was loaded with five milk churns, The baseplate was modified by the deletion of 'Y-7' which was replaced with the Y-35 designation, The Clifford version had a Made in Macau baseplate while the Ambrosia version was Made in China. The Ambrosia version could be from any English speaking part of the world but the Ambrosia model is from Devon (England) and I'm not so sure they would have used a left hand drive truck. The model was not deleted or replaced but no further models were issued


Above: The W. Clifford & Sons livery had a white body with a black baseplate and black plastic roof and steering wheel, It had a white plastic front bumper and light brown seats, It had a chrome plated radiator grille & headlights and the load bed floor was white painted metal with five milk churns attached. The only variation being the W. Clifford tampo can be orange or red.

Above: The yellow push-fit wheels are a little toy like and I'm not sure that the model A would be found with whitewall tyres

Above: The Ambrosia livery had a blue body with an off white baseplate, wheels and plastic roof, It had a chrome plated radiator & headlights and a blue plastic front bumper and a black steering wheel, The seats were a lighter and more orangy brown than the Clifford version and the churns appear to be more of a grey when compared too the silvery churns of the Clifford. The Ambrosia version is quite a pleasing model but there are no variations or rarities to look for.

Above: Not so easy to see from the photographs but the load bed / tailgate has a definite pink shade to it when compared to the wings / baseplate.