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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-34 1933 Cadillac 452 V16

The Y34-1 1933 Cadillac 452 V16 joined the range in 1990. The first colour scheme was made in macau and it had a navy blue body and wings with a cream or white plastic roof, In 1992 it was replaced by the second colour scheme of a white body with navy blue wings with a black plastic roof which was made in China. The Y 34 was not replaced or deleted but no further issues were released.


Above: The first version was made in 1990 in Macau, It had Macau and Y-34 on the chrome plastic baseplate and the colour scheme was navy blue all over, The seats were light brown plastic and it could have either a cream or white plastic roof. It had chrome bumpers, grille, headlights, luggage rack, running boards, dashboard and 24 spoke wire wheels with whitewall tyres. The doorhandles, roof tensioners and tail lights were picked out in silver & red trim. The steering wheel was light brown plastic with black spokes. The baseplate had a screwhole to allow the model to be fitted into the new N type boxes.

Above: The roof is cream plastic but white plastic roofs are also available but is a little harder to find.


Above: The second version of the Cadillac was made in China and it had a made in China baseplate with "YY46,Y61" inscribed on it as the component was used on this model and the Y-61 Cadillac fire engine, The YY-46 refered to this model which was originally going to be the number YY-46 but for reasons unknown it was later decided that it should be number Y-34 but an examination of the inside of the clear plastic window unit will reveal that it also had a Y-46 inscribed on the inside, The Cadillac was a basic recolour of the previous issue, The body was painted white with a navy blue baseplate and it was fitted with black plastic seats, steering wheel and roof.

Above: Silver trim was applied to the body line, door handles, sidelights and roof tensioners, The tail lights were also picked out in red, Like the earlier version there are no rareties to look out for.