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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-33 1930 Mack AC Truck

The Y33-1 1930 Mack AC Truck joined the range in 1990 when it was released in the livery of Goodyear Transcontinental Motor Express. Originally it was intended to release this livery on the Y-30 but when it was realised that the Y-30 was fitted with solid tyres they decided to fit pneumatic tyres instead and release the model as the Y-33. The majority of components were taken from the Y-30 with the windscreen and cab doors from the later Consolidated version. The plastic baseplate was rejected in favour of the diecast one used on the Y-23 Tanker so most of the model is marked Y-30 but the baseplate is marked Y-23 Tanker and the box is marked Y-33. No further issues were released.


Above: The Goodyear van had a blue bonnet, doors and load box with a grey plastic roof. It had a grey metal cab and a navy blue wings and baseplate, The seats were dark dull red and the steering wheel black plastic while the wheels were light blue and it had brass plated headlights and oil tank. There are two very similar shades of blue used for the body one being slightly lighter which matches the wheels and another shade which is slightly darker.

Above: The van has white grey and red tampo for Goodyear "Via the Lincoln Highway" which was the first coast to coast interstate highway that ran from Times Square in New York to Lincoln Park in San Francisco, The Goodyear President Mr Frank A. Seiberling was also the President of the Lincoln Highway Association for many years.