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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-31 1931 Morris Courier

1990 saw the introduction of the Y-31 1931 Morris Courier in the red livery of Kemp's Biscuits, The body sides were altered as there were problems with the tampo printing, The body sides were again modified when there were found to be problems with the tampo printing of the yellow liveried Weetabix model leaving three body types to be sought out by collectors. The Weetabix version appeared in 1992 and although no it was not deleted or replaced no further models were issued.


Above: The Kemp's livery of bright red with white roof and gold lettering was quite striking, Originally there was a problem with the printing of the gold border as the recessed lines made it difficult to tampo in the groove so 2mm was removed from each end by filling it in.
The chrome plated grille, roof and front mudguards were plastic but the model had a metal body and a metal 'Made in Macau' baseplate. The wheels were red plastic of the push-fit type and it featured twin rear wheels.

Above: Although it was called a Morris Courier on the box the baseplate made no mention of the Courier name as it was inscribed as 'Morris Pantechnicon'

Above: The yellow livery of 'Weetabix' was if anything even more striking than the Kemp's version but it was also found to have printing problems, These were rectified before the model went into production by the partial filling in of the grooves on the sides so they were only half as deep as those found on the previous issue. The baseplate was altered to reflect its new 'Made in China' origins but the copyright date was left at 1989. Apart from the two different lengths to the body lines on the Kemp's there were no vatiations and no rarities.

Above: The bright Weetabix livery looked very good but this body type was really more of a furniture delivery van so it was not strictly acurate