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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-30 1920 Mack AC Truck

The Y30-1 1920 Mack AC Truck was first released in 1985 in the blue livery of Acorn Storage Co which was a box van design and it was made in England. Also released in 1985 was the Limited Edition Consolidated Motor Transport version which was also made in England which was a canvas backed Mack and some reference guides list it as being number Y30-2 but as the Y30-1 was still in production until 1988 it hardly seems likely that Lesney would have brought out the replacement model less than one year into production and 3 years before the 30-1 was deleted so I have included all of the Y30 Mack trucks into the Y30-1 listings.
Next came the Arctic Ice Cream Co which was painted cream with red lining which was made in Macau and finally came the red Kiwi Boot Polish van which was also made in Macau
No further standard issues were released but two code 2 issues were, The first code 2 was a box van body which was painted dark red with red wheels, It had a grey baseplate and black front wings and roof with Mack Allentown Penn tampo,
The second code 2 was a an open backed truck without the canvas cover which had a darkish blue cab with a light brown load bed and a black baseplate, It had chromed wheels and a porcelain Fish "load" in the bed and tampo for Fisherman's Wharf Pier 39.


Above: The Acorn Storage van had a light blue container and bonnet with a grey cab and container roof, The front wings were either dark blue or dark grey and the baseplate was dark blue plastic, The wheels were a light brown 5 spoke design and it had dull dark red seats. Early versions were generally a lighter shade of blue and usually don't have the windscreen securing brace on the inside of the cab roof and come with dark blue front wings, These can be found with gold or light gold tampo.
Later issues were a darker blue with dark grey front wings and will usually have the windscreen securing brace, These versions can be found with a 1984 or 1985 made in England baseplate.
The final version was made in Macau and has a 1985 dated made in Macau baseplate and a slightly lighter blue in shade, The cab is pale grey and the container roof is charcoal grey.

Above: The Mack was a nice model that was perhaps let down by the plastic baseplate, Lesney did eventually make a diecast version as fitted to the Y23-2 Mack Tanker and the Y33-1 Mack but it was issued too late to have been fitted
to this model.

Above, On the right is the earliest Acorn van which did not have the brace molded into the roof, On the left is the later type roof with the brace molded in, The brace was to help secure the windscreen frame.

Above: The Consolidated Motor Transport version was fitted with a windscreen and it had a new dropside body which was fitted with a plastic canvas canopy roof which can be either brown or olive green, The front wings were dark brown and the rest of the truck was painted either a bright yellow or a slightly darker yellow. It was fitted with red 5 spoke wheels.

Above: The dark brown plastic 1985 England baseplate was inscribed as a Limited Edition and the Consolidated Mack was packed in a Limited Edition box.


Above: The Arctic Ice Cream Co truck was painted cream with dark green front wings and a light brown plastic container roof, It had green plastic made in Macau baseplate and cream 5 spoke plastic wheels.
The Arctic version was not fitted with a windscreen although the cab is always found with the windscreen securing brace cast in,

Above: The seats were pale beige and like all of the Macks it had chromed headlights and a gold tank mounted on the passenger side running board. At the present time there are no known variations.

Above: The Kiwi Shoe Polish van was painted red all over and the container had a light brown roof, The wheels were brown 5 spoke in plastic and the seats were light beige, It has a black plastic baseplate and it was made in Macau and all Kiwi cabs have windscreen securing braces inside the cab roof even though the model did not have a windscreen fitted, The only variation being that the Kiwi on the label can be either dark brown, brown or light brown ink.

Above: As a Matchbox toy collector I find the Kiwi label very familiar for some strange reason.