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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-3 Ford Model T Tanker.

The Y3-4 Ford Model T Tanker joined the range in 1981. All model T Tankers had black plastic seats and steering wheel and chromed windscreen frames and grille / headlights unless stated otherwise, The last production run was in 1986 although it has not been replaced by a new model to date.

Above. The first livery was 'BP' which had a red tank, dark green body with a white roof and a black chassis, The first version had a Y12 baseplate and this variation is hard to find.

Above. Note the model on the right which has no black shading to the 'BP' lettering on the sides of the tank, Neither type is hard to find. One not so common BP issue has black painted tank filler caps rather than the gold as found on almost all other issues. The last two runs had either gold or chromed 12 spoke wheels.


Livery 2, 'Zerolene' Was painted bright green body and tank with a gloss black or matt black chassis and a white roof, It usually had gold 12 spoke wheels but the final run had red 12 spoke wheels. The Zerolene is slightly less common than the other issues but there are no particular rarities to look for.

Above. 'Express Dairy' was the third livery released that had a dark blue body and tank with a black chassis and white roof. It can be found with red, gold or chromed 12 spoke wheels and it has silver filling caps on the top of the tank. There are no particularly rare Express Dairy versions to look for.


Above. 'Carnation Farm Products' was the fourth livery used, It had a cream body and roof with a plum red tank and chassis, One version was issued with pinky-brown seats, The Carnation tanker can be found with 12 or 24 spoked wheels in bright red plastic or 12 spoked wheels in plum red or gold. All variations of the Carnation tanker are easy to find.

Livery 5 was for 'Mobiloil', It had a red bonnet and cab doors with a blue cab roof and tank, The chassis was black and the tank caps were body coloured, It had red 12 spoke plastic wheels and it was released in a"Limited Edition" box. It can be found with black or brown seats and there are no rare versions.

Livery 6 (no picture) was 'Castrol' which had a dark green body and tanker with a black chassis and white roof, It usually had brown plastic seats but one version was issued with black seats, The wheels were either plum red, gold or dark red 12 spoke plastic and the tank filler caps were dark green, It can be found with "Lesney 1978 England" baseplates or the later "Matchbox 1986 England" type baseplates. Although there were many variations none have come to light that are hard to find.


Livery 7 was 'Red Crown Motor Spirit' was released in a box stating that it was a "Special Limited Edition" which was released in red body, roof and tank with a black chassis, The roof had been completely redesigned and recast giving the model a higher roof line and a completely new look, The oval windows on the side of the cab had been rotated by 90 degrees and new advertising boards were fixed to the sides. The tank filler caps were left in body colour, This was the last 'Made in England' issue as production was moved to Macau, there are no sought after variations

Livery 8 was the first Macau issue, It was for 'Shell Motor Spirit' which had a yellow body, white roof and black chassis, It had red 12 spoke plastic wheels and there are no rare variations of this version of the model.