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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-3 1934 Riley MPH.

The Y3-3 1934 Riley MPH joined the range in 1974. The first colour scheme was metallic purple with white seats and grille insert but a small amout of metallic purple Rileys have been found with black plastic seats and grille insert, It had chromed 12 spoke wheels with black plastic tyres and chromed grille assembly and windscreen frame,
It was briefly recoloured to ruby red, Then to dark red and then to a lighter red with all versions having chromed 12 spoke wheels apart from the final lighter red version having 12 spoked red plastic wheels.
It was recoloured yet again to mid blue with a decal racing number which can be either a 3, a 6 or a 9 with chromed 12 spoke wheels and white seats and grille insert with the final run having 12 spoke red plastic wheels fitted instead.
Although it was not deleted and replaced by another model the last production run was in 1980.


Above. The Y-3 Riley MPH with it's box, It is a fairly common model but the early metallic purple issue with black seats and grille insert is rare.