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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-29 1919 Walker Electric Van

The Y29-1 1919 Walker Electric Van was specially commissioned by Harrods Ltd. The model joined the range in 1985 coloured a dark military green with dark green wheels, It was packaged iin a special Harrods box, The next colour scheme was also green but this time a much brighter green in the livery of Joseph Lucas, It had red wheels and came in a standard box.
The third version was HMV (His Masters Voice) which was coloured dark blue with dark blue wheels and grey canopy. The final release was in 1989 and once again for Harrods, This version was also in a dark military green with a dark green canopy and wheels, It was also packed in a special Harrods box, The model was not deleted or replaced but no further issues were released.


Above: The first Harrods livery appeard in 1985 with a cream canopy, light brown seats and a black chassis, It displayed Harrods Ltd in gold or light gold lettering and it carried the royal crest as the royal family used their services and below this was Harrods Brompton road address, The small black & white panel on the front was actually a Historic Commercial Vehicle Club badge, Although the Walker van made a very attractive model it was perhaps spoiled by the cheap looking plastic wheels and baseplate.

Above: The battery boxes which hung between the wheels had the sides decorated with military green or dark green tampo.

Above: The second release was in the green livery of Joseph Lucas, It was issued in 1986 and it had red plastic wheels and light brown seats. The name of the company and the company crest were displayed on the canopy and below was the "King of the Road" legend. There were no rarities.

Above: The Lucas version is probably the most common.


Above: The next release was in 1988 for "His Masters Voice" (HMV) which strictly speaking was not authentic as the colour scheme should have been dark red, However it was painted dark blue and it did make a very attractive model with its grey canopy and brown seats, The new push fit wheels were dark blue and the baseplate was modified to read "Made in Macau" and some minor modifications were made to the rivet holes. It was packaged in a Limited Edition box.

Above: Nipper the Dog has been the HMV trademark for over 100 years.

Above: The final release was once again for Harrods Bread Delivery service, It was issued in 1989 and painted the same military green as the first model, It had a dark green canopy & wheels and reddish brown seats with "Harrods Special Delivery Bread" which can be on lemon yellow or beige panels, It was also released in a special green Harrods box. The model was no deleted or replaced but no further issues were released.

Above: The Walker van could have been a better seller but there was perhaps just a little too much plastic used in it's construction.