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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y28-1 1906 Unic Taxi

In 1984 Lesney released the first Y-28 1906 Unic Taxi, The unusual looking Unic was fitted with just one seat in the drivers compartment and the extra space was used to carry suitcases. The first model was painted dark red and the wings and running boards were painted black and it had red, maroon or dark red 12 spoke wheels, In 1987 it was recoloured to dark blue body with a black baseplate / wings and in 1991 the final release was painted white with black baseplate / wings which had the base insription modified to read "Made in China". The model was not replaced or deleted but no more Y28 Unics were issued.
Although the baseplate and box state that it was a 1907 Unic the model was actually based on a 1906 Unic.


The earliest Unics had no body-roof securing pins and small cushion shape tail light bases, Midrange versions can be found with either cushion shaped tail lght bases or body-roof pins and the later issues had body-roof pins and flat cast bases to the tail lights. It was initially fitted with red 12 spoke wheels but the last version can be found fitted with either dull red or maroon 12 spoke wheels.
The roof, Steering wheel and grille insert were black plastic and The seats were light brown plastic. The brightwork can vary between very pale gold plate to light gold plate except for the floor of the drivers cab which was silver plate.
There are no particularly hard to find models of the Unic.

Above: The red Unics featured light brown coachlining around the window frames and below the windows had "London General Cab Company Ltd" printed in very tiny light brown lettering.

Above: Showing the cushion shaped (A) and smooth based (B) tail lights.

Above: Early red Unics did not have body-roof securing pins.


Above: The dark blue version had smooth rear light bases, light brown seats and black plastic grille insert and steering wheel, It had roof securing body pins and light gold plate to the windscreen frame, handbrake and radiator grille and a silver plated cab floor. The wheels can be either 12 spoke chrome plated or dull red or maroon but neither type is hard to find.

Above: All of the blue Unics had body-roof pins and silver painted roof
tensioning arms and note the peephole rear window.

Above: The white Unic was modified to a "Made in China" baseplate inscription and a screw hole added to secure it inside the box. It was enhanced with black lining and "London" lettering to the doors, The seats were black plastic and the gold plating was a much deeper than used on the earlier models. All of the white Unics had smooth tail light bases and body-roof securing pins.

Above: The white Unic had the rear licence plate inscription
removed and a tampo licence plate applied in its place.