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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-26 1918 Crossley
Beer Lorry

The Y26-1 1918 Crossley Beer Lorry joined the range in 1984, It was originally going to be a continuation of the Y13 Crossley but as it had a barrel load it was given the new number Y26, The body was as the Y13 model but the sides of the bed were smoothed off to assist in the applying of the tampo decoration, Three different baseplates can be found on the first version with Lowenbrau tampo, The first was from the Y25 Renault which had been used by mistake, The second type was a normal Y13 base marked as a Y13 and the third had Y13/Y26, The model was not replaced or deleted but after 1986 no further issues were released.


Above: The Lowenbrau issue was released in 1984 and was painted powder blue, It had a black baseplate and grille insert, red seats and solid red wheels or 12 spoke red wheels. The cab roof can be found in various shades of tan or cream. The barrels can be light brown or darker brown.

Above: The hard to find issues have either a Y25 or a Y13 baseplate, Regular issues had a Y13/Y26 baseplate.

Above: Also released in 1984 was the Gonzalez Byass which had a white body with a dark red baseplate, seats, grille insert and roof canopy, The sherry barrels were a darker brown and the earliest issues had no tampo decoration applied to the barrels, It had a brass plated windscren frame, radiator surround and headlights the wheels can be either 12 spoke in either gold plated or chrome plated.

Above: The earliest barrels had no text applied to them.


By far the nicest issue was released in 1986 in the brown and black livery of the Romford Brewery Co. The model was lifted by gold lettering and lining to the sides and a crest to the end of one barrel. It had light brown seats and a black grille insert or red seats with black or red grille insert and the cab was fitted with a black canopy.

Above: Other variations undoubtedly exist but remember the plastic parts are easily interchangeable between this model and the Y13 Crossley.