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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-25 1910 Renault type AG van

The Y25-1 1910 Renault type AG van joined the range in 1983 when the Perrier version was released, The very first release had just three supports holding each side of the roof rack, This was quickly replaced by five supports to each side. In 1985 came the smart yellow and blue livery of James Neale which was quickly followed by the silver and blue of Duckhams oils, The blue/blue of Eagle Pencils became the third livery to be released in 1985.
Next came the British Red Cross Military(?) Ambulance. This was followed by the red and white livery of Tunnock's the Confectioners which was followed by the Belgian Delhaize Companys van which was to commemorate their 120th anniversary. The final release was the lavender livery of the Swiss company Suchard Chocolat (sic) which was issued in 1989.
The Renault was not replaced or deleted but no further issues were released.
This page: Perrier, James Neale, Duckhams and Eagle Pencils.
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British Red Cross, Tunnock's, Delhaize and Suchard.


Above: The Perrier was first released with the early three support roof which is quite hard to find, This was quickly replaced with the more common five support roof, It is usually found with white or occasionally with red seats and it had a "Matchbox 1983 England" baseplate. It can be found with 12 spoke wheels in either a chrome, gold, bright red or dark red finish. The grab handles were cast with the centers open but some have the centers flashed over, Whether this was accidental or otherwise is not known but some other Renaults have been found with flashed over handle centers.

Above: The French Perrier livery in two tone green, Minor modifications were made to the lamp lens on the drivers side but these do not demand a premium.

Above: The rare early type roof at the front with the common later version behind.

Above: Note the lack of black shading to the 'Perrier' lettering,
This version is quite hard to find.

Above: The open and closed grab handles.


Above: The James Neale Renault was painted yellow with a dark blue or a navy blue baseplate and white roof, It had black plastic seats and could have either light yellow, dark yellow or orangey yellow 12 spoke wheels, It had a "Matchbox 1983 England" baseplate and the grab handles can be open or closed. A few James Neale vans have been found with a hole to the cab floor as a result of a sticking ejector pin but these do not attract a premium.
Note the "Raydyot" sign above the windscreen, Neale's used both the 'Raydyot' and the'Raydot' trademarks.

Above: The James Neale van with dark blue baseplate, The Navy blue baseplate was really intended to be fitted to the 'Duckhams' van which was produced at the same time as the James Neale.

Above: The Duckhams Oils version was released as part of the 1985 Yesteryear gift set. The body was was painted silver and the baseplate was navy blue, It had a white plastic roof and dark red seats, The wheels were dark red 12 spoke and it had a 'Matchbox 1983 England' baseplate inscription. The only variation was the open or closed grab handles and neither type is rare.

Above: The Duckhams Oils was qute a nice model but I'm not sure a 1910 van would have been painted metallic silver.


Above: The Eagle Pencil van had a blue body and a Navy blue baseplate, The roof was white plastic and it had dark red plastic seats and gold plated 12 spoke wheels. Early versions used a slightly darker gold for the Eagles wings tampo and this version had a 'Matchbox 1983 England' baseplate inscription, Later versions had a lighter gold used for the Eagle tampo and could have a
'Matchbox 1983 England'
'Matchbox 1986 England' or a
'Matchbox 1986 England Limited Edition'|
baseplate that was intended for the next release the St John's Ambulance version of the Renault.

Above: The Eagle Pencil co usually had open grab handles but closed grab handles are known but are hard to find.

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