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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-24 1928 Bugatti T44

The Y24-1 1928 Bugatti T44 joined the range in 1983, It first appeared painted black with bright yellow or lemon yellow side panels and a black plastic trunk, The next release was light grey with a light grey trunk and dark red chassis and side panels, Both of these first two issues were made in England but the third release was made in Macau and it was painted black with red side panels and it had a light brown trunk which was released as part of the "Great Motor Cars of the Century" collection which was a mail order set before going on general release.
The final release was also black but this one was made in China, It had a yellow basket weave pattern tampo to the sides of the body and a black plastic trunk. The Bugatti was not deleted or replaced but no further Y24 Bugattis were released.


Above: The first release had open gaps between the rear wings and number plate and a 15mm wide rear window, This type usually has beige seats but models fitted with the seats in brown, green or white plastic are also known variations which are quite hard to find. The rear window was later reduced in width to 13mm and the number plate gaps filled in, It had yellow or bright yellow body sides and beige or hard to find white seats, Later the body side panels were changed to lemon yellow but this version had black upper door panels. This version had beige, black or white seats and usually had chrome 24 spoke wheels but has been seen with chromed 12 spoke wheels.

Above: The trunk and roof were black plastic with chrome trim to the trunk latches, The chromed running board plates enhanced the model considerably.

Above; The early version with cutouts between the numberplate and rear wings and the later version with filled gaps.


Above: The next version was made in Macau and the baseplate was modified to show this. It had a light grey body and a dark red baseplate and body sides, It was fitted with solid chrome plated wheels and it had a light grey plastic trunk with chrome trim to the latches. There was just the one release of the grey Bugatti so there were no rare variations.

Above: This version has beige seats and black plastic steering wheel.


Above: The next version was painted black with a brown trunk with either red or dark red body sides, It was made in Macau and it featured extra silver trim to the doorhandles and to the window frames and the underneath has silver trim to the propshaft and exhaust system, A miniature "Bugatti" badge was applied to the radiator grille and to both sides of the scuttle, The last release of the red & grey models were fitted with push fit axles.

Above: The whitewall tyres were a nice touch but were probably not authentic.

Above: The final release was made in China and the baseplate was altered to reflect this. It was painted black all over and it had a black plastic trunk, The body sides were decorated in a pale yellow basketweave pattern and it had silver trim to the doorhandles and window frames. The wheels were the chrome plated 24 spoke wire wheels as used on the earlier Bugattis.