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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-23 1930 Mack Tanker

The Y-23 1930 Mack Tanker was introduced in 1989 in the red & white livery of Texaco and it had a made in Macau baseplate.
In 1991 it was released in the livery of Conoco who's livery was also red & white and it had a made in China baseplate description,
The Mack was no deleted or replaced but no further standard Y23s were issued,
Code 2 issues were released in the orange livery of "Supertest Petroleum Corp" which can have black or white lettering to the company name. It was also released as a Military Refueller in either desert sand or dark grey.


Above: The Texaco Tanker had a red cab and tanker body with a black baseplate. The wheels were red plastic and it had off white plastic seats and a black steering wheel, The four chrome fuel cans mounted on each side and the three chrome valves mounted on the rear were also of plastic construction but the body, Tank and baseplate were all made from diecast metal giving the model quite a heavy feel to it. The Texaco Tanker was made in Macau.

Above: The rear view showing the three valves and the Texaco emblem. Some have been found with 10.5mm wide front hub centers, These are preproduction hubs as 12mm is the usual size.


Above: The Conoco (Continental Oil Company) Tanker was released in 1991, It was made in China and the baseplate was modified accordingly, It was painted red with a black baseplate and a white tanker which was perhaps a little too much like the previous 'Texaco' version but the model produced was quite attractive so I guess Lesney's chiefs decided it would be OK to produce a second red Mack.

Above: The Conoco tanker can also have the 10.5mm front hub centers instead of the regular 12mm hub centers, There were no other rarities.