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Yesteryear Y-23 1922 AEC Omnibus
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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-23 1922 AEC Omnibus

The Y23-1 1922 AEC Omnibus was introduced in 1983. Its first livery was all red body and wheels with a black chassis and front mudguards, This can be forund fitted with three different types of 'Schweppes' labels.
In 1985 it was released with RAC decals on a bus that was basically unchanged from the previous issue. In the same year it was released with 'Maples' labels as part of the 1985 Father's day gift set, Apart from the new labels this version was also unchanged from the previous issue.
1986 saw it recoloured to the dark brown and cream livery of the Express Omnibus Company and it was fitted with labels for 'Haig' Whisky.
In 1988 it was issued as a promotional for 'Rice Krispies' which was later sold as a regular model, It was once again in the London livery.
The final and probably the nicest issue was released in 1989 in the livery of East Surrey and it was recoloured to blue & white, It carried adverts for 'Lifebuoy Soap'. This model was not deleted but no further issues were released.
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The first London livery had red 'Schweppes' labels but these were rejected by the trademark owners although a considerable number found their way into the shops, The regular and most common issue had black Schweppes labels but the trademark owners thought that it was not authentic so a third type Schweppes label in yellow was issued which was accepted,
These third type labels were taller so the upper deck was redesigned which removed the lower handrail, All subsequent issues had the modified handrail, The seats can vary in shade from light brown to mid and dark brown and the upper deck can be found in light or darker red. It had a Made in England baseplate that can be gloss or satin black.

Above: The front and rear labels were a generic type used on most issues. The front was 'Hither Green' although the rear one stated 'Picadilly Circus'.

Above: The red Schweppes label is getting hard to find.

Above: The yellow Schweppes is also hard to find but does not sell for a much of a premium.


The RAC (Royal Automobile Club) labeled model was a basic re-issue of the London livery fitted with new adverts. There are no variations although the seats and the upper deck plastics can vary in shade.

Above: The RAC labels made a slightly more attractive model than the Schweppes version.

Above: The 'Maples' issue was released as part of the 1985 Father's day gift set of three models which included the Y-11 Lagonda and the Y25 Renault, It was still in the livery of London General and the front destiation blind read 'Dollis Hill' although it still had Picadilly Circus on the rear, There were no variations.

Above: Maples were a London based furniture maker and retailer.