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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-22 1930 Ford model A Van

The Y22-1 1930 Ford model A Van joined the range in 1982 and all versions have clear plastic windows fitted. The first release was in the red livery of Oxo and this version had a minor casting modification to the van roof where it was given a deeper leading edge, Next came the Maggi's which also had modifications to the cab roof and can be found with two different fonts used for the "Suppen- & Speisen", This version can have a "Lesney 1981 Y21 England" or a "Matchbox 1981 Y21 England" baseplate inscription.
The third livery was Toblerone which used three different shade inks on the tampo. Next came the Palm Toffee which had chrome or gold plated wheels and can have dark green or emerald green for the tampo decoration.
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Above: The Oxo van was released in 1982. It can be found painted red or slightly darker red with a black baseplate and van roof. The earliest vans can be found with a smooth cab roof or the later versions have a 3mm wide smooth border and a textured center. It usually has brown plastic seats & interior but the one to look for has red seats because this version is rare. It comes with either 12 or more usually 24 spoke chrome wheels or smooth chrome wheels white whitewall tyres.

Above: The baseplate inscription can read-
"Lesney 1981 Y21 England" or
"Matchbox 1981 Y21 England"
The baseplate was shared with the model of the Y21 Ford model A Woody but the baseplate was not corrected to read Y21 & Y22 until 1987.

Above: Note the different shades of red and the "It's Meat & Drink to You" tampo in mid blue and in navy blue.

Above: The van on the left has a wider ridge to the front edge of the van roof. Also the cab roof type 2 both are shown with a 3mm wide border and a textured center.


Above: The Maggi's van was released in 1984 and it was painted yellow with a red roof. It had a black baseplate which can read "Lesney 1981 Y21 England" or "Matchbox 1981 Y21 England" and the van casting can be either with or without the wider ridge to the leading edge of the van roof, It can have 12 or 24 spoke chromed or 12 spoke red plastic wheels with whitewall tyres. It has brown seats and the lettering tampo for "Suppen-& Speisen" can be found in two distinct font types.

Above: The early body without the wider leading edge to the van roof is quite hard to find. Maggi vans with tampo print applied to the back doors were released without the Lesney management knowing, They were released in a plain white box and are considered to be code 3 models.

The Toblerone van was issued in 1984 painted in beige with a dark brown baseplate and a red van roof, The roof is usually the later one with the wider ridge to the leading edge of the roof but the early type roof has also been seen. The brown tampo used for the figure on the side can be found in light brown, brown, or dark brown tampo. The seats were light brown.

Above: The Toblerone van was fitted with chromed 24 spoke wheels and whitewall tyres.


The next release was in 1984 in the cream and red livery of Walters' Palm Toffee. The original metal van roof had been removed from the casting and a plastic component had been made to go in its place. It had a red plastic roof and red diecast baseplate, The body was painted cream which had a satin finish rather than the usual gloss. The seats were brown and it could have a gold plated grile & headlights,front bumper and 24 spoke wheels with blackwall tyres or a chrome plated grille & headlights, front bumper and 24 spoke chromed wheels with whitewall tyres. The baseplate inscription was "Matchbox 1981 Y21 England".

Above: The Palm Toffee van can be found with dark green or emerald green tampo to the Palm Toffee emblem on the van sides.

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