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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-21 1930 Ford
Model 'A' Woody Wagon

The Y21-1 1930 Ford Model 'A' Woody Wagon joined the range in 1981. The Ford had the first all plastic body which contained six red plastic seats, The baseplate was painted dark brown and the roof matt black. It was initially fitted with chromed 24 spoke wire wheels but later on chromed 12 spoke were used, The bonnet was originally bright yellow but the last of the yellow bonnets were fitted to black baseplates intended for the Y-22 Ford Model A Van and another variation had a dark brown baseplate and yellow bonnet can be found with orange seats.
The bonnets were later recoloured to dark metallic orange, metallic copper or non metallic orange, These can be found with "Lesney 1981 1930 Ford A England" or "Lesney 1981 Ford Model A England" or "Matchbox 1981 Ford Model A England" baseplate inscriptions.
It was replaced by the Y21-2 1930 Ford Model A Tradesman Woody Wagon in 1983.


Above: The Woody can be found with yellow, metallic copper, metallic orange or non metallic orange bonnets, Unfortunately none are rare.

Above: The Woody usually had red seats but some have been seen with orange seats, This version is hard to find.