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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-2 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall.

The Y2-3 1914 Prince Henry Vauxhall joined the range in 1970. The first colour scheme was red body, grille and chassis and the bonnet was painted silver grey on this and all later issues. It had light cream seats and brass plated wire wheels with black plastic tyres. The radiator grille shell, windscreen frame and headlights were all brass plated and the fuel tank was usually brass plated but one issue had a copper plated tank. It was then recoloured to metallic blue with cream, light brown or bright red seats and some of the blue issues show clear signs of red bodies being repainted in metallic blue so the shades of blue can vary considerably.
It was recoloured again to orange-red or bright red body and chassis with red 12 spoke plastic wheels with cream seats and this version had a small spare wheel rivet.
The final colour scheme was red body and chassis with 12 spoke red plastic wheels and cream seats but this issue had a larger rivet to hold the spare wheel.
There were casting modifications to the sidelights when strengthening braces were cast in so only issue 1 has no sidelight braces. Early into production of the blue issue a 1mm wide by 1mm high ridge was cast behind and in front of the front seat. It was replaced by the 1930 Bentley in 1985.


Above. A later issue of the Vauxhall with its box. The blue body with bright red seats is very rare and the early version in red with red chassis and copper petrol tank is hard to find.

Above. Four variations of the Y2 from the left, Version 1 with red body, grille and chassis, Version 2 all in blue in the center left, Center right is version 3 with orange-red body and black chassis and on the right is version 4 with red body and chassis.


Above.A shows the floor without brace.
B shows the later type with a brace.

Above. The wheel types used on the Vauxhall
A shows the early brass plated version.
B shows the chromed wirewheel.
C shows the later red spoked wheel.

Above. On the left is version 3 in orange-red with a small spare tyre rivet. Right is a version 4 in red with a large spare tyre rivet.