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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y2-2 1911 Renault.

The Y2-2 1911 Renault two seater joined the range in 1963, It was painted metallic green and the shades can vary from light to dark with the light green versions being less common, It had red plastic seats and the windscreen frame / bulkhead, Handbrake /gearlever and the headlights were brass plated but can sometimes be found in bare metal. The spare tyre attaches to the carrier by 4 prongs or later by 3 prongs and the wheels were brass 12 spoke with very fine tread black plastic tyres, Unlike previous issues the baseplate needed no adapting for the giftware range so it just used the one type for all issues. The steering wheel was metal for most of its life but the final issue had a black plastic steering wheel.
There were three minor casting variations, The first issue had a ridge cast to hide the gap between the bonnet and the bulkhead which was removed on later issues, Next the gaps between the tail lights and the rear number plate were filled in and finally a brace was added to the inside of the rear mudguards and the chassis. It was deleted in 1969/70 to be replaced by the Y2-3 Vauxhall.


Above. The Y-2 Renault was a very pretty model and an excellent example of Lesneys diecasting skills, The model shown has a 3 prong spare wheel carrier. The model was quite common so there are no rare variations to look for.

Above. A shows the ridge cast along the front of the bulkhead.
B is the later issue without the ridge cast.


Above. A shows the early tail lights with gaps at the sides.
B shows the later issue with the gaps filled.

Above. A shows the early mudguard without the brace.
B shows the later mudguard with the brace added.