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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-19 1905 Fowler B6 Showmans Engine

1986 saw the introduction of the new Limited Edition Y19-2 1905 Fowler B6 Showmans Engine, It was painted dark blue with a black smoke box and chimney. The wheels were red with gold lining and the body was liberally dosed with red and gold lining
The roof side boards displayed "HEY-HO COME TO THE FAIR" and in very small gold lettering "NAMED SUNNY BOY II 1905". The roof had the only known variation that is the colour can be white or light cream and the roof supports were gold plated. There were 65,000 made and they were packaged in a special 'Limited Edition' box but the lining for the box can discolour the roof turning it pink if the model is kept in the box without some form of protective wrapping.
No further issues were released and it was replaced by the Y19-3 Morris Cowley van in 1986.


Above: The Fowler was an impressive model which was let down somewhat by the grey treads to the tyres making them look too large, There were not rare variations.

Above: 19 different components made up the Fowler Showman's Engine.