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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-19 1935 Auburn
Speedster 851

The Y19-1 1935 Auburn Speedster 851 was introduced in 1979, It's first colour scheme was a light beige body with a brown bonnet, boot and door tops and a dark brown baseplate and wings, Soon the main body colour was changed to a darker beige, The next recolour was to a light cream body with black baseplate and wings. This was followed by an all white body and baseplate with blue bonnet sides. The final version was made in Macau and once again it was coloured beige all over with off white body sides.
The Auburn was replaced by the Y19-2 1905 Fowler Showmans Engine in 1986 although the last Auburn was not actually released released until 1990 so the two models with Y19 on the base overlapped by at least four years.


Above: The first version of the beige Auburn had a lighter beige body, It had orangy-red seats and darkish red wheels fitted with whitewall tyres. It had chrome plated bumpers, dashboard and windscreen frame, grille, headlights, exhaust and offside bonnet panel. The steering wheel was black plastic and the axles rivetted. There are no rare variations although models with odd coloured plastic interiors have been found which are assumed to be colour trials.

The second version was painted a slightly darker beige but this version can be found with darkish-red, bright red or chrome plated wheels, It too had whitewall tyres and orangy-red seats, There are no rare variations.

Above: Left, the later dark beige body and on the right the earlier lighter beige.

Above: The light beige Auburn wheel variations, Front to rear, Bright red, dull red and chrome plated.


Above: The third colour scheme was a light cream body and a black baseplate and wings and note that the body colour can vary between light cream to a creamy white. The seats were bright red and the wheels were red solid disc or red 12 spoke with whitewall tyres.

Above: The chrome etc was pretty much unchanged from the previous issue and once again there were no rare variations. So far all of the Auburns issued had come packed in straw coloured boxes.

Above: The fourth colour scheme was white all over with a white baseplate. This version had the bonnet sides highlighted in blue and it was fitted with blue plastic seats and blue 24 spoke wire wheels with whitewall tyres.

Above: Once again there were no variations so no rareties too look out for. This version came packed in J type box.


Above: The final version was painted beige all over with white sides to the body, It had brown seats and chrome plated 24 spoke wire wheels with whitewall tyres mounted on push fit axles, Although it was not released as a limited edition it was given extra enhancement where the bonnet strip and the side and tail lights were silver painted and the tail light lenses in red, The steering wheel spokes were trimmed in black and the body waist line was given a brown stripe while the bonnet sides were given "Super Charged" lettering on foil labels.
The number plates were modified where the original cast in letters were removed and a blue and yellow licence plate decal was fitted in its place.

Above: The baseplate also had extra attention to detail where the engine, gearbox, propshaft and the exhaust system were highlighted with silver trim. Macau was added to the base as country of origin and a screw hole was let in to the sump to allow the Auburn to be fitted into the new N type box. There were no variations so no rareties.