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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-16 1929 Scammell
100 ton truck & trailer with G.E.R. class E4 2-4-0 locomotive

The Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-16 1929 Scammell 100 ton truck & trailer with G.E.R. class E4 2-4-0 locomotive joined the range in 1989 and can only be described as magnificent. At 305mm (one foot) long it was the largest and most expensive Yesteryear model ever made.
The tractor unit was in the livery of Pickfords with a blue body and red chassis. It had a white plastic roof and black plastic drive chains and a light brown interior, The wheels were red plastic with 4 wider tyres on the rear axle with two of the wheels being hidden under the chassis, It had lots of chrome to not only the grill & headlights but to the steering column and sidelights as well. It had white 'Pickfords' tampo to the sides along with white body lining to the engine covers.
The trailer was made from three parts, First is the gooseneck which attached to the tractor unit which was painted blue and had black plastic reel mounted on top, Next came the main body which was also blue, It had a pair of black plastic screw tensioners mounted up front to attach the gooseneck. Then came the rear bogie which was a mix of plastic and metal, This mounted the rear axles and wheels and the steersmans cab which had a white roof and '1679' tampo's on the sides.
The load was a black E4 class locomotive of the Great Eastern Railway. It was mostly cast in metal with the exception of the black baseplate and the brown firebox detail inside the cab. The black paint was enhanced by red lining and gold trim to the buffers, handrail and controls fitted to the side of the engine.
It was packaged in a limited edition box and production was just over 32,000 pieces which pretty much sold out within weeks of its launch. For the tech heads the specifications for this were 7 litre 4 cylinder petrol engine and an 8 speed gearbox producing 80 BHP at a maximum of 6 mph and 1 mpg, It was in its day the largest road vehicle and only two were ever built.


Above: The Scammell 100 tonner can only be described as magnificent.
There are no known variations.

Above: The 'load' was a Great Eastern Railways class E4 loco.

Above: The Scammell had 4 wheels on the rear axle,
The two 'inners' were inside the chassis rails.

Above: The trailer is hinged in 3 places just like the original.

Above: The Loco was only the 4th to appear in the range.