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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-16 1922 Scania Vabis Post Bus

The Y-16 1922 Scania Vabis Post Bus was introduced in 1988 as a limited edition of 60,000 pieces, The box description read "1923 Scania Vabis" but the baseplate of the model said "1922" which is generally believed to to be correct. The bus had a yellow body and a gloss black chassis and wings, The roof was grey painted metal and the grill & headlights and 12 spoke wheels were gold plated with black rubber tyres. The rear axle carried four jockey wheels on two additional axles which carried the black rubber tracks and the front axle carried the skis which as far as I know have the only variation which is yellow or orange skis. My example pictured below has one of each colour!.
It carried two spare tyres on the front wings and unusually for a yesteryear the Scania was fitted with a full set of windows. It was finished with blue stripes tampoed to the roof and body and to the body sides were the crown and post horn logo, It had a brown interior with a black steering wheel and the inside of the roof has YY35 embossed so it must have been renumbered very early in production. The Scania Vabis was replaced after just one year by the magnificent Scammell 100 ton & loco load.


Above: My Scania, With one orange and one yellow ski!.

Above. The Scania would have made a nice model without the tracks and skis.