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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-16 1960 Ferrari
Dino 246/V12

The Y16-3 1960 Ferrari Dino 246/V12 joined the range in 1986, It was one of four vintage racing cars released to commemorate Lesneys intended sponsorship of a series of vintage motor racing events which never came about due to the high cost of sponsoring the events. The other three racing cars being the Y14-4 ERA, the Y11-4 Bugatti and the Y10-4 Maserati.
The Ferrari which was built in 1960 was the newest production dated vehicle in the whole of the Yesteryear range. It was of course painted red and it had two yellow Ferrari prancing horse badges tampo printed on each side and racing number 17 roundels were applied to the nose and to both sides of the tail. There were no further issues and the Ferrari was replaced by the 1988 model of the Y16-4 the Scania Vabis Postbus.


Above: The Ferrari had a diecast body and a red plastic baseplate, The suspension, exhaust system, cockpit and steering wheel were silver-grey plastic and the drivers seat was black plastic. It had a clear plastic windscreen and a clear plastic bonnet scoop which is authentic but the Lesney engineers modeled the scoop with a valve cover and spark plug leads inside when the real scoop actually contains three twin choke carburettors. The wheels were either chrome plated or aluminium coloured 24 spoke wire wheels and the tyres were black rubber with the rears being slightly larger than those mounted on the front.

Above: The wheels were of an early push fit design which did look better than the earlier riveted type but the axles were really too long giving the wheels too much sideways movement. The brake drums were thickened to reduce the excess axle movement but the push fit type wheels would not become standard issue for another 4 years.