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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-16 1928 Mercedes Benz SS Coupe

The Y16-2 1928 Mercedes Benz SS Coupe joined the range in 1972. It originally had cast in differential details but this made it difficult to fit the rear axle so the differential detail was quickly removed. At the same time the luggage trunk was given a textured finish. These modifications were all carried out very early in production but there was one later modification to the windscreen frame which was thickened from 1mm to 2mm (approx).The Mercedes appeared in no less than six different colour schemes and there were many shade variations. In 1985 the roof was modified to give it a folded down appearance which was later deleted and the original closed roof was reinstated. In 1986 the Mercedes was replaced by the Y16-3 Ferrari Dino although the final Y16-2 Mercedes was not made until 1990.
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mid blue body & baseplate, red body & silver baseplate, grey body & black baseplate


Above: The Mercedes first appeared with a silver painted body with a metallic red baseplate, It had black plastic seats, roof, luggage trunk and grille insert, The baseplate had a seperately diecast exhaust system affixed and it had brass plated grill & headlights, windscreen frame and 24 spoke wheels. The earlier issue with the differential detail cast in is rare,

Above: The Model was a fine example of the art of the master diecaster, The Mercedes was in production for an incredible 18 years.

Above: The early baseplate with cast in differential is on the left and the later one with the differential details removed is on the right.

Above, The second version had a metallic green body and baseplate but shades can vary, The model is usually found with a slightly darker green baseplate when compared to the body colour but one very rare issue had a (Stutz coloured) metallic dark green baseplate.
The seats, roof, luggage trunk and grille insert can be either black or green plastic and the exhaust was modified about halfway through the two tone green models production run when the seperately cast exhaust was deleted in favour of having the exhaust detail added to the baseplate casting. The wheels can be 12 or 24 spoke chrome plated or 12 spoke green plastic.

Above: The real Mercedes SS Coupe had a 7 litre engine and a top speed of 100 mph (160kph).

Above: The hard to find metallic green with metallic light green baseplate.

Above: The very rare metallic light green with (Stutz) metallic dark green baseplate.


The white version was probably the prettiest model which Lesney went on to ruin by fitting purple wall tyres on to it, I don't know if the tyres were always purple or if this is a chemical reaction that has happened over time.
There were no variations in the colour plastics used and it only came fitted with 24 spoke chromed wheels but there was one very rare variation that had a black painted baseplate.

Above: All of the white Mercedes had the exhaust detail cast in to the baseplate.

Above: Very rare white body and black baseplate.


Page 2 mid blue body & baseplate, red body & silver baseplate, grey body & black baseplate