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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-15 1920 Preston Tramcar

The Y15-3 1920 Preston Tramcar joined the range in 1987 in the red livery of 'London Transport' and carrying Swan Vesta (matches) adverts to the upper deck. In 1988 it was recoloured to blue and white and released as a Limited Edition in the 'Darlington Corporation Light Railways' liveried Tram that carried adverts for Swan Soap.
Its third release was in 1989 when it appeared as a 'Paisley District Tramways' Tramcar that was recoloured to orange and white with Golden Shred (marmalade) adverts. The final release was in 1991 in the livery of 'Newcastle Corporation Transport' which was dark brown & white with adverts for Zebra Grate Polish. The model was not deleted or replaced but no further issues were made.


Above: The London Transport Tram was painted red with white window frames and a dark grey made in Macau baseplate. The roof was dark grey metal, It displayed 'Swan Vestas' adverts with smaller 'Horlicks' and 'Cerebos' adverts on the curved ends. The base can be found with or without an 'A' cast in, Also the control box which is cast under the stairs can have a deep recess or a partly filled recess to the left hand side, This was modified as there was poor metal flow to the area. Early versions had a large round hole molded into the lower deck ceiling but this was later filled in.

Above: The Limited Edition Darlington Corporation light raiways tram had a blue lower deck and roof with dark blue painted black plastic sideframes, The upper deck was white and it had adverts for 'Swan Soap' and smaller adverts on the curved ends for 'Horlicks' and 'Cerebos' as used on the London Transport version. The only variation is to the made in Macau baseplate which can be found with or without an 'A' cast in.

Above: My local town, The Paisley district tram was painted orange with orange painted sideframes, It carried adverts for 'Robertsons Golden Shred' marmalade which was also made in Paisley. The roof was grey metal and the upper deck was cream plastic and it had a made in Macau baseplate. There were no variations.

Above: The Newcastle tram was made in China, It had modified black plastic sideframes where one of the center beams was removed and a trackbrake molded in, It was painted dark brown and carried adverts for 'Zebra Grate Polish' and the 'Daily Sketch'. The 'Zebra' advert can have an orange or yellow background and the lower sidepanel can also be orange or yellow so four variations of orange or yellow adverts and sidepanels can be found. The lower deck used the mold from the London transport version which had the large round hole that was normally only found on the early London Transport tram.

Above: The last version, The Newcastle tram had modified sideframes.