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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-15 1930 Packard Victoria

The Y15-2 1930 Packard Victoria joined the range in 1969 in dull metallic brown, Very soon after introduction the dashboard was modified where the triangular steering wheel braces were enlarged, Very soon after the rear axle webs were deleted. The colour was changed to metallic lime-gold and after the model had been in production for a while the coachline on the side of the body was thickened. Then the colour scheme was changed to black with red body sides. The last issue was recoloured to light beige with a dark brown baseplate and a brown roof. One point of interest would be the Packards baseplate which has the model number and model names inscribed on a raised panel, Lesney did this when they needed to remove and replace baseplate text. So what was the original inscription?. I guess we'll never know. After an amazing 18 years in production the Packard was finally deleted in 1987 to be replaced by the Y15-3 Preston Tramcar.


Above: The first version of the Victoria was released in 1969 and it was painted a dull metallic brown with a dark brown gloss baseplate, The seats, luggage trunk and roof were maroon or dark red plastic and the grille & headlights, luggage rack, windscreen frame, dashboard and 24 spoke wheels were brass plated

Above: The dashboard casting was soon amended when larger triangular steering wheel braces were cast in. Soon after the rear axle webs were deleted.
The final issue had 24 spoke wheels with a chrome finish, This version is hard to find.

Above: Left, the smaller early triangular steering wheel braces and on the right the larger and later type.

Above: Left, the early baseplate casting with axle webs and the later casting with the webs removed.


Above: The second version was released in 1974 and it was recoloured to a metallic lime-gold body and a dark brown baseplate, It could have a dark red or black plastic roof, seats, grille insert and luggage trunk. The wheels were 12 or 24 spoke chrome wheels with blackwall tyres.

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Above: A Lesney publicity picture.

Above: The final issue of the metallic lime-gold Packard was released with a casting modification to the body line that ran across the top of the doorpanels. This version is hard to find but the gem would be the crossover metallic lime-gold body with a black baseplate which is rare.

Above: right, the early body casting and left the later casting with a thicker body line.

Above: The third recolour was in 1979 which was to an all black body and baseplate with red body sides, This one could have a black or more usually a white plastic roof, bright or dark red plastic seats and a black plastic grille insert and luggage trunk. The doorpanel body line was the later thicker type and it had either chromed 24 spoke or solid chrome wheels with whitewall tyres.

Above: The red & black packard has silver luggage rack, grille, headlights, windscreen and dashboard whereas on the earlier castings these components were brass plated.


Above: The last recolour was released in 1984 and it was changed to a creamy-beige body with a dark brown baseplate, This version usually has light brown seats but has all so been seen with red seats, The roof can be found in white, brown or orange plastic and it had a black plastic grille insert and luggage trunk.

Above: The creamy-beige version also had silver plate to the grille, dashboard and luggage rack, The wheels were bright red 24 spoke red plastic with whitewall tyres.