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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-14 1931 Stutz Bearcat

The Y14-3 1931 Stutz Bearcat joined the range in 1974 when the two tone green version was introduced, It usually had a 1974 baseplate but models with a 1973 baseplate have been seen which are assumed to be pre production examples. It also has what is described in various guides as a casting modification to the rear bumper but this was more than likely a obstruction in the dies causing the component not to form properly.
In 1979 came the red and cream version which can have a smooth top to the boat tail or it can have a cast in V which divided the two tone paint. In 1981 the green and cream version which can be found with the usual 24 spoke chromed wheels or 12 spoke red plastic wheels. 1985 saw the release of the blue and grey version which was followed by the blue and cream version which featured extra silver trim which was released in 1990 a full 4 years after the Stutz replacement the Y14-4 ERA was first released.


Above: The first version of the Stutz had a light metallic green body with a dark metallic green baseplate, The model can be found without the vertical bar at the left side end of the rear bumper but the majority had the vertical bar. This version could have the 1973 dated baseplate but usually the Stutz had a 1974 baseplate. The model could have bright red or dark red seats and it had chrome 24 spoke wheels The bumpers, grille shell, headlights and windscreen frame were brass plated. On the final version the body was painted a lighter metallic lime green with a dark green baseplate.

Above: The "Boat tail" style body was a nice change when compared to the more usual sedan type body. The luggage rack was a well executed but complicated piece of diecasting. The versions with "1973" dated baseplates are hard to find and the truncated rear bumper is even harder.

Above: The rear bumper without the vertical bar (on the left)
is only found on the very earliest of the Stutzes.

Above: The red and cream version can be found with or without the cast in V on the top of the boat tail, It also had a modified front bumper where the plate that has the fixing rivet is thickened by approximately 5mm so the front bumper is 5mm higher than the bumpers found on previous issues and also the gap between the front bumper bars was filled in. It had silver plated grille, headlights, windscreen frame and bumpers. The seats can be either bright red or black plastic and the grille insert black or dull red plastic. All baseplates were dated 1974.

Above: The red and cream version is fairly common and there are no rare variations.

Above: Showing the smooth boat tail (left) and the later version with a cast in ridge which was added to seperate the colours on bodies with two tone paint schemes.


Above: The cream and green version was released in 1981, It had the cast in V and the elevated front bumper, The grille shell, headlights, windscreen frame and bumpers were silver plated and it had black plastic seats. The grille insert can be red or black plastic and the wheels chrome 24 spoke or red plastic 12 spoke, It always had a 1974 dated baseplate.

Above: There were no rare variations here either.

Above: The blue and grey version had a silver plated grille, headlights, windscreen frame and bumpers, The wheels were chrome plated 24 spoke with the older style blackwall tyres and it had a black plastic grille insert. The seats can be either light brown or light beige with either type being quite common so there are no rarities to look out for. All had 1974 dated baseplates.

Above: The blue and "battleship" grey was a strange choice of colours because the grey had an almost matt finish which looked more like primer than a top coat.


Above: The final version was painted cream and blue, Production had been moved to Macau and the baseplate was modified to reflect the new country of origin and the year of manufacture was also modified but for some strange reason it was inscribed 1979 when it was actually made in 1990, The baseplate was also modified when strengthening rings were cast in around the rivet holes and the underneath of the rear panel had four strengthening ribs cast in. The front bumper was the elevated type and it had the cast in V on the boat tail. It had either maroon or dark red seats and the steering wheel can be either light brown or olive green with both types having black spokes.

Above: The Macau made Stutz featured much extra trim where the sidelights, running boards and doorhandles were silver trimmed and also the baseplate was given silver trim to the exhaust, propshaft and engine, The dashboard was trimmed in black. There are no known rare variations.