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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-14 1911 Maxwell Roadster

1965 saw the Y14-2 1911 Maxwell Roadster take its place. It was painted turquoise all over with a smooth black plastic roof and grille insert, It had dark red plastic seats with a brass plated radiator, windscreen frame, handbrake levers and 12 spoke wheels. The earliest version had a brass plated fuel tank but this was soon changed to a copper plated fuel tank, The fire extinguisher was usually copper plated but one issue had this component brass plated. One version is found with black seats and the last issues had a textured black plastic roof. The earliest versions had a baseplate with giftware mounting holes cast in which were later replaced by bosses, Later still the bosses were blanked off.
The model was recoloured to a cream body with a dark green chassis for the 1984 "Connoisseurs Collection", It had a black textured roof and grille insert, dark green seats and brass plated 12 spoke wheels,
The Maxwell was replaced by the Stutz Bearcat in 1974.


Above. The Maxwell (fitted with the wrong colour roofs),
The early version with a brass plated petrol tank is perhaps
hard to find but there are no other rarities.

Above. Baseplate 1 had giftware mounting holes cast.


Above. Baseplate 2 had the giftware mounting
holes filled in and raised bosses cast instead.

Above. Baseplate 3 with the raised bosses removed, Baseplate
4 had the text modified to read "Matchbox 1984 Limited
Edition England" and was only used on the cream and green
model from the Connoisseurs set.

Above: A Limited edition model from the Connoisseur Collection.