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Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y-13 1918 Crossley RAF Tender

The Y13-3 1918 Crossley RAF Tender joined the range in 1975 when it was painted air force blue and had RAF labels attached to the sides. In 1979 it was recoloured to red with a black chassis in the livery of Evans Bros Coal & Coke, Halfway through the Evans run the base description was altered from "1918 Crossley RAF tender" to "1918 Crossley".
This was replaced by the Carlsberg livery that was painted off white with a black chassis and a green canopy which was released in 1983. Next came the Warings livery which was painted dark green with a black chassis and off white canopies that was released in 1985. The final version was in 1988 when Kole & Koks which was a German livery for coal & coke, It was painted bright yellow with a black chassis and cab roof. The Crossley was not replaced by a newer model but no further models were issued.


Above: Version one had five cleats to the body sides and no brace between the front wings but the cleats was quickly reduced to two cleats making the five cleat version rare. The second version also had no brace between the front wings and the chassis and two cleats to the load bed and that one is also quite rare. Both of these versions can be found with milky white or dark red seats and 24 spoke wire wheels.
Next came a modification to the baseplate where them "Ld" of Lesney & Co Ld" was removed. This version can be found with 12 or 24 spoke chromed wheels and either white or dark red or the rare green seats. Next came the olive green canopies which replaced the light brown canopies that had been in use up until now, These had 12 or 24 spoke wheels and white seats,
These were followed by darker brown canopies & 12 or 24 spoke wheels. The last issue had the rare charcoal canopies fitted and 24 spoke wheels but can be found with white or dark red seats.

Above: The canopies & grilles were originally light brown but later issues
had olive green canopies & grilles and later still these were replaced by
the rare charcoal (black) canopies & grilles.

Above: The rare charcoal or black canopy.
photo courtesy George Marshall.

Above: The early bodies had 5 cleats and later ones had just 2.
The 3 extra cleats were removed as they were obstructing the labels.

Above: The second casting modification was to add braces to the underneath of the front wings.


Above: The next livery was Evans Bros Coal & Coke. The first version had chrome 24 spoke or 12 spoke red wheels and there were 2 cleats to the body sides but these were soon removed although the raised edge was left in place, The version without cleats can be found with chrome or bright red wheels. The next version had the "RAF Tender" removed from the baseplate and this version can be found with 12 or 24 spoke chrome wheels or 12 spoke bright red wheels. The last version was painted a brighter red and the spare wheel retaining stud used had a much larger head making it easy to identify.

Above: The Evans Bros had the canopy replaced by a black coal sack load.
The final version was painted a much brighter red.

The Carlsberg livery was first released with a "Lesney Products & Co" baseplate, It was fitted with chromed or gold 12 spoke wheels and it is quite hard to find. The next version had a "Matchbox Toys Ltd" baseplate and like the earlier issue it had a light green canopy and dark red or black plastic seats. The next version had a darker green canopy & grille with maroon seats and 12 spoke wheels in gold or chrome plate. The final issue was the same as the previous issue but with 12 spoke gold wheels only and the baseplate was modified from "Y13" to read "Y13-Y26".

Above: The RAF tender had a raised square panel on the sides of the canopy to accommodate the red cross label. This was removed for the Carlsberg version as the label was longer.


Above: The waring & Gillow liveried Crossley was always painted dark green with a black chassis, The wheels were gold 12 spoke and the seats were dark red. The body sides had been smoothed off by removing the ridge from around the edge making the large "Warings" tampo easier to apply. The canopy & cab roof can be found in cream or white plastic and the labels applied to the sides of the canopy can have either a cream or a white background to the lettering, The white label was intended to be used on the white canopies and the cream components likewise but the parts were mixed so it is not unnusual to find white labels on cream canopies and cream labels on white canopies.

Above: All Warings & Gillows Crossleys had Y13-Y26 baseplates.

Above: The final release of the Crossley was in bright yellow with a black chassis, seats, coal load and cab roof with "Kohle & Koks" (Coal & Coke) tampoed on the sides. It was thought that Lesney would show the German collectors that it had remembered them when designing this livery although it is not very authentic. This model can be found with black or dark green wheels which are fitted with the new and much nicer soft rubber tyres. All kohle & Koks Crossleys had "Made in Macau" baseplates.

Above: The coal load was borrowed from the earlier 'Evans Bros' Crossley but the coal load has two extra sacks molded in,

Above: This was a code 2 promotional made for MICA,